Do’s and Don’ts of Shared Office Space

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Shared office space is a totally new concept so many people who are unfamiliar. Here are some Important Do’s and Don’ts of shared office space:

Some Do’s of shared office space:

Be organized:

While using a shared office space, you most likely, will be sharing your desk with other co-workers. This makes it utmost essential for you to keep your desk clutter free and your surrounding orderly. This habit will be beneficial for all as it will increase your and your future desk user’s productivity, and also it will make your surrounding look more beautiful.


Shared office space is rather like a small community where individuals with different professional backgrounds come together. The whole purpose of such a space would be defeated if you stay aloof and don’t communicate with others. Socializing, in such a place, with others will surely deepen your professional network.

Share your knowledge:

There may come a time when some of your co-workers might need advice or help from you. If you possess the right knowledge then don’t hesitate to share your ideas and knowledge, this act will most likely be reciprocated.

Some Don’ts of shared office space:

Don’t distract others:

For instance, you can be disturbed by putting on loud music or by natural odor with your heavy perfume or food. Try to keep such distractions at minimum as it is seriously detrimental for the overall productivity of the office space.

Use meeting rooms:

If you want to meet someone for professional or private reason, don’t ever arrange that meeting at your desk. This habit can be a source of great distraction for your office workers. Always make sure to arrange them in a meeting or conference room.

Report Problems:

If you face any problem in the office, inform the concerned person. Every shared office space has an administrator with whom you can register any of your complaints, so don’t hesitate in submitting your complaints to him/her.


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