Why should a hardware wallet be considered if you are new to bitcoin?

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A hardware wallet is the most important component of the blockchain ecosystem. It provides top-notch security and functional utility. Hardware digital asset wallets help keep your assets secure because most computing devices you use aren’t secure. It is built to provide crypto holders an extra layer of protection against cyber threats, phishing attacks, and malware.  

The best digital asset wallets are the ones that keep user funds safe. It is also the one that flawlessly functions with all blockchain networks. Using hardware wallet Infrastructure, you can store and manage not only Bitcoin but also other coins such as Ethereum and Alt-coins – Lumens, Polkadot, and Cardano, etc. The best part as a user you can back up all the keys in a single or multiple recovery phrase.  

The hardware crypto wallet infrastructure offers small plug-in devices which are portable – enabling you to access your crypto asset safely from anywhere. And to use a wider variety of dApps, you don’t have to log in using new accounts rather you just need a Hardware wallet in place.   

You can execute peer-to-peer trade using your hardware wallet infrastructure. There are applications hosted on a blockchain network that allows you to safely trade your crypto-tokens while retaining digital custody of your crypto asset. Such applications not only save your time spent on every transaction but also charges lower fees in comparison to other kinds of exchange. You don’t even have any withdrawal limits.   

Hardware wallets offer the base layer of crypto security which is critical to crypto wallet infrastructure. It helps bridge the digital world with the physical, hardware wallets – creating digital keys offline and keeping them in the hands of their owners. The keys can be applied in many ways, such as for two-factor authentication, digital signatures, or controlling crypto assets.  

There are multiple reasons why – hardware wallets are universally recommended by all kinds of experts because they keep keys offline and let them be physically secured by the asset owner, something a wallet app on your phone or computer doesn’t do. Hardware wallets make cryptocurrencies convenient to own because they can be independently secured by anyone, and some even help preserve your privacy.  

Liminal is among the leading enterprises offering institution-grade web3 blockchain infrastructure, such as a hot wallet crypto platform designed to assist organizations with their digital asset self-custody need.   

Liminal’s digital asset custodian’s platform services such as trezor and ledger hardware wallet are developed with simplicity in mind because the team at Liminal believes that managing digital assets should not be intimidating and complex.   

Liminal has built the entire web3 blockchain-based digital asset custodian platform services including a hot wallet and cold storage wallet with a security-first approach – so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of your digital assets and funds. And you also receive expert customer support from our team – to resolve challenging technical complications. 




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