What Is the Global Market Role of Bright Bars?

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With time, stainless steel bright bars have turned out to be a great success among the industries indulged in production as well as manufacturing business. 

Almost all the engineering-based industries look for one of the topmost stainless steel bright bar manufacturers in order to utilize such kind of steel in their business. 

Since the popularity of stainless steel bars has increased, the number of retailers as well as vendors involved in this business has also boosted with time. 

Before moving towards the global scenario of bright bars, it is necessary to know what actually are stainless steel bars and how beneficial they have turned out for the industries. Nowadays, you can find a number of stainless steel bright bars manufacturers in India, and Viraj Industries Ltd. is one of them. 

What are bright bars?

As the name indicates, compared to other varieties of steel present in the market, bright bars come with a shiny as well as smooth exterior. The diameter of the bright bars can also range between 3-100mm. 

It is important for you to know bright bars are presently used in a number of top industries across the world. In the market, you can find bright bars in two types:

  • Cold drawn bright bar
  • Turned and peeled bright bar

The difference between the two types of bright bars occurs when it comes to the finish of the bars once the production is over. 

Cold drawn bright bars

The hot rolled steel bars are kept and then drawn through a tungsten carbide die. As there is no requirement for heating, these bars are known as the cold drawn bars after the finishing is done. 

Peeled and turned bright bars

The hot rolled steel bar is put into a turning machine that further cuts the bar into the needed diameter. In this, the exterior surface of the hot rolled steel is eliminated inside the turning machine. During this process, no heat is offered in the steel bar.  

Some of the most common available bright bars shapes include: 

  • Square shaped steel bars
  • Round steel bars
  • Hexagonal steel in the structure of flat bars
  • Flat steel in the shape of rectangular bars

Know the global market role of bright bars

Bright bars are extensively used in the international market for varied purposes. Some bars of mild steel, free cutting, and alloy steel is used in the following industries:

  • Electrical appliance industry
  • Telecom industry
  • Building parts for industries linked to the automobile
  • Textile machine manufacturing 
  • Heavy engineering industries 
  • Industry involving the making of ammunition and arms for defense

Therefore, you can find bright bars in different shapes and sizes as per your need with bright bar manufacturers. These bars can also be hinges, machined components, and so on.


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