What Impact do Digital Lending Platforms have on the MSME Sector?

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Entrepreneurial and start-ups are on the rise, which raises the demands for monetary business advances that are adaptable for the best experience. However, the MSME sectors are unserved when it comes to loans, so digital lending platforms need to be more prominent here. There are several limitations of traditional lending for MSMEs, interrupting MSMEs from flourishing in the country. Issues such as signature verification, endless documentation, manual labour, continuous assessment, and many are causing hindrances regarding lending in the SME sectors.

The impact of digital lending platforms on MSME sectors with digital lending apps has brought several benefits forward, encouraging new businesses and start-ups. Compared to the traditional loan process, the digital loan process is much easier and more reliable. In addition, they can disburse loans immediately, which has helped several small businesses in the country. Furthermore, combining techniques and technology has helped digital lending flourish in the SME sectors. Implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence have paved the path for successful loan disbursement to businesses all over the country.

The digital lending platform has several impacts on MSME sectors, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Introduction of digitally uploading the documents of loan seekers. The entire procedure is customer friendly and does not require filling paper-based forms using the loan management app. This has helped provide instant loans to loan seekers as the wait is not much.
  2. The creditworthiness of applicants is measured with a digital credit management app that uses social media behaviour, big data, psychometric questionnaires and balance sheets concerning their trading position for the best results. There are alternate data that also can be referred to get a better understanding of the loan seeker. The lenders seek both structured and unstructured data to make risk profiling easy. This provides opportunities to the SMEs that are deserving.
  3. Soon after, the demonetization transactions have gone cashless. Introducing digital loan facilities have helped combat the cashless society. This initiative taken by the lending companies has encouraged several SMEs to flourish their businesses.
  4. The field executive app for NBFC has made field supervisors’ tasks easy, allowing instant information when required.
  5. The surge of internet usage in lower-tier cities and towns made it more prominent to provide loans digitally. Many SMEs in tier 3 and 4 regions have taken the help of digital loans to establish their market and become prosperous. This way, the entrepreneurs can now explore the market without thinking about the geographical constraints.
  6. There has also been a rapid increase in the mobile user segment, making it essential to introduce a digital lending platform. With this initiative, customers can now complete the entire loan process right through their mobile. This has encouraged several SMEs who deserve to get digitized loans in a fraction of what it used to be before.


A significant contributor to the economy of any country is SMEs. The government must encourage the growth of these SMEs by introducing digital lending solutions so that they can flourish and add to the economy. The impact of the digital lending platform has a massive significance on the MSME sector, allowing them to generate queries and get loans sanctioned in a fraction of the time of what it used to be before.


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