What Are The Common Car AC System Problems And Solutions

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Just the thought of going out in the car without a well-functioning air conditioner can make you perspire, right?

Optional a few years ago, a car AC is now becoming a standard feature in most cars. One of the best features, eliminating humidity and heat trapped inside the passenger compartment. Owing to the frequent variations in the weather, an air-conditioned car is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Besides a routine car repair, the priority is tuning or servicing the engine, replacing the engine & transmission oils, and other essential aspects of the car. However, tending the issues that impact the performance of the air conditioner are often overlooked.

Till the time you do not encounter a problem in your car’s air conditioning system, there are chances, you might take it for granted. Just like the car’s engine, the AC unit needs attention and regular servicing. If unattended, some common car AC system problems can prove costly.

Let’s check some of the common problems of a car AC and their solutions.

Here are common car AC problems and their solutions –

Air feels wet –

Problem –
You might feel humid inside your car at first, but it will be normal once the system runs for some time. However, if the air continues to be wet and heavy, the likely cause is debris or dampness stuck in the system.

Flushing out of cleaning the cooling system is an effective solution to this problem.

Cooling isn’t normal –
Problem –

One of the most common among all the problems and the primary cause is low refrigerant levels. Broken condenser, cracked compressor, damaged belt, inactive pressure switches are other causes.


Work on checking the refrigerant level. Get the compressor belt and condenser checked for cracks or damages. Plug leaks in the AC system.

Weird noises –
The primary cause, a malfunctioning compressor. A loose, broken, or blocked fan can also cause weird noises from your car.


Check the compressor for damages and get it serviced if required. Also, examine the proper functioning of the fans.

Pungent smell –

The inside of the car starts to smell bad when the air conditioning system has not been used. The foul smell is caused by bacteria and fungus beginning to populate in the cooling system.


Conduct a vacuum test on the air conditioning system. Replace the air filter if required.
To conclude, age and moisture are foes of your car’s air conditioning system, the belts, hoses, seals start to break down over time, allowing the refrigerant to escape. It is a good idea to look out for car aircon regas Campbelltown or car aircon Campbelltown for proper inspection and servicing your car’s AC system.


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