How to Settle New Employees into Serviced Office Space

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If you are operating out of any of the top business centers in Delhi or other big cities in India; it is important to note how the system and work culture at these facilities are quite different from other offices. The entire format of sharing workspace, and the ethics and formalities of such co-operative professional environments is something significantly different from a standalone office where everyone is employed by the same company! If you are conducting business, or working on a specific project in any of the business centers in Bangalore or Mumbai; it is vital that you team is thorough and well informed about relative situational factors well in advance.

Here are certain vital tips to help you settle new employees, inductees, or freelance professional into a co-operative serviced office environment:

  • Make sure that the people working with you are aware that they are working in a place where there may be professionals from several different backgrounds. These would include different categories of salaried professionals and small teams; as well as a host of different independent consultants within the same facility.
  • Imbibe a sense of personal responsibility and focus since there is a lack of personal space. Even if you have booked a separate workspace or meeting room at any business centers in Delhi; you will be sharing many of the utilities and facilities within that space. Each professional should understand that they will be interacting with a lot of people within a social ambit; even though the space is formal by default.
  • Make sure that your selected serviced office space or business center in Bangalore or any other city is located in a well recognized part of the business district. If the daily travelling and grind takes too much out of your team; the co-operative work environment and variety of exposures will prove extremely distracting!
  • Any proper business center in Delhi would be an extremely busy office building with a constant flow of people for various different purposes. It is up to the team leaders and business owners to ensure that all the professionals or employees involved in their work are entirely confident about their role and place in the larger play of things.

Since most of the big business centers in Bangalore or Hyderabad are great place for business associations and corporate networking; always make sure that any new members of your team are informed about specific kinds of relationship or work contracts you may have with professionals from other companies or individuals working within that corporate center as applicable under the circumstances.


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