Most Popular Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

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Be it IT, banking and insurance, government and administration posts to academics, media, and hospitality spaces; women reign and have surpassed all. Women have shown their skill, expertise, knowledge, and experiences and have gathered fame and fortune in no time. 

Our world is a progressive society now and the human race is not gendered biased now. Women have progressed forward and have already surpassed men in various spaces. In every business domain and professional sphere, women have stepped in, progressed, and have flourished vibrantly.

The commercial skills and expertise of women in the country have begun to influence the economic repute in society. Women entrepreneurs in India are making their impression in several spaces of business-like and the most popular business start-up ideas adapted by women are interior designing, style and fashion, media, journalism, and medical and engineering. 

Healthcare Professionals

A healthy lifestyle and exercise are being willingly accepted by people all over the globe. People are involved in a variety of actions like aerobics, yoga, and dance and women have excelled in becoming specialists and trainers in these fields. Women run nutritional clinics and fitness centres very efficiently along with excelling as general and specialized doctors. 

Fashion Designing

Fashion and styling are a woman’s forte and many women have shined in this space and have made their brand. Start-ups about apparel and jewellery have been quite popular universally. Women show immense knack in designing and styling clothes and they come out exceptionally well. Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative money-making small business opportunitiesand start-up ideas for women that need very minor investment. One can set up a small cosy corner of the home as a working station and start the business withing close acquaintances. Get stimulated by the success stories of women who had become accomplished and reputed fashion designers globally. 

Beauty Care

Beauty care is a space, where a woman can flourish organically. Women like pampering in beauty care and can make great businesspersons at it themselves. It is an amazing business opportunity as a start-up since women know what the customer wants and can bring the best to their customers. A woman can run a professional spa and salon facilities and can excel in beauty, wellness, and make-up. They can also flourish in bridal make-up services and can also successfully run posh nail art studios.

Image Consultants

While some women have the aptitude to present themselves in a form of aesthetics, others may not be alike. So how about an impression for helping such women and making decent incomes from it. This is where the profile of an image consultant peeps in. The job is to assist other women to shop and get an end-to-end wardrobe makeover. One can conduct the make-over by sharing important tips and hacks and becoming an influencer. 

Creative Writing

Women who have the flair for writing can excel outstandingly. Be it blogging, vlogging, freelance creative writing, or in media, PR, and advertisement and branding space; women entrepreneurs and professionals are ruling the small business news space universally and excelling like no one else. Women can express the reality, situation, and social aspects articulately and can draw a lot of readership and viewership. 


The demand for cakes and bakery items is on a surge. Bakery business can easily be initiated from home if you just love trying with delightful batters. A little skill and a very little investment in tools and gadgets are all that one needs to get your business started and one can flourish in no time. Thanks to social media and word of mouth publicity. One can start baking for friends and families and then take baby steps to flourish as a professional baker. 

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