Modern Technology : What are the Advantages & Disadvantages

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Modern technology is an advancement of ancient old technology. There is a significant impact of technology in modern life, and its impact is highly immeasurable. We make use of technology in various ways and the way in which various technologies are implemented do a lot more damage than good. People today cannot live without technology like mobile phones, television, computers, and others. These technologies have slowly become a crucial part of our daily lives.

Communication is thereby enhanced, and companies can further communicate a lot more easily with foreign countries. Exchanges are thus faster with the help of internet. Increased purchases and sales are now better facilitated and also possible worldwide. This helps in allowing business marketing ideas to outgrow. Global tourism has even outgrown.

What are the advantages of technology?

Easy access to a world of information

The mobile and internet has led to an explosive growth of information worldwide. Just a few clicks help you avail a wide range of information. Information is everything and those who avail information can use it for various purposes. Users can avail information from a wide range of search engines on the internet.

Improved communication – Modern technology has blessed us with highly advanced communication technology tools. These include mobile phones, text messaging applications, and emails. Communication overseas has been made possible with the help of video chatting services.

Encourages increased innovation and greater creativity

Technology seems to be infinite and provides information about everything under the sun including business promotion ideas. Anyone who wishes to start a business can avail information on the web, and this encourages creativity. Additionally, there are several platforms where these creative heads can gain funding for starting their new business.

The ease of travelling

Modern transportation makes it extremely easy to travel over long distances. Transport is thus very crucial in the lives of everyone. Transportation technology has gradually evolved with years. Transportation of technology used to be very difficult in the past; however, it has evolved and become easy to move over long distances.

However, the evolution of modern technology has a lot of drawbacks as well. Following are some of the disadvantages:

Social exclusion

With the advent of technology, social exclusion is slowly on the increase, and people now are spending more time on the internet. By learning modern technologies, social network usage gradually results in neglecting real life. The technology gradually has replaced the old way of interacting.

Job loss

Modern technology has slowly replaced human jobs. Robots are doing more jobs which once used to be done by humans. A lot of packing firms have employed robots on the production lines that help increase efficiency and production.


Increased dependence on technology has reduced creativity and intelligence. Many individuals today struggle with spellings and are unable to spell words without an editor. Some people also find it very difficult to perform basic math without a calculator.

Thus, technology has advantages as well as disadvantages; however, you need to use it discretely.  


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