Best ways of communication systems for small business 

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The VoIP market has a wide range of offers targeting different kinds of businesses and variant communication requirements. While choosing a business technology update, start by processing your needs and expectations. Then, proceed with the services below with these criteria in mind.  

  1. Nextiva 

Nextiva provides almost all services as one of the excellent virtual phone systems for small businesses. Originating in Arizona, this communication system is related to services on proprietary tech, which means a combination of communication with customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities and analytics. Nextiva provides features like voice and video calling, conferencing, fax, and SMS. It also has over 45 powerful additional features, such as advanced call management, voicemail-to-email, and auto-attendants. In the US, it is counted as the most popular VoIP system, with over 100,000 business relations with its customers.    

  1. Vonage 

Vonage offers a rock-solid “Business Communications” offer. Counting on voice and video calls, SMS, and messaging. Many necessary features like a virtual receptionist, voicemail transcription, and call groups are also part of the package. A vast number of integrations is the most profitable feature of Vonage. This provider’s App Center carries over 20 third-party integrations, including platforms like office 365, Google Workspace, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk. This makes it accessible for users to weave this VoIP business technology update.  

  1. 8×8 

8×8 communication system advances with security consciousness and international flexibility. Mainly its service is HIPAA-compliant by default also, this provider offers toll-free numbers in over 120 countries and local ones in over 80. It also has ‘Authority to Operate’ with UK government agencies. The existing network of business technology news and 8×8 comes with nifty features like visual voicemail, advanced call management, meeting transcription, and file sharing. It also works with platforms like slack, Office 365 to, HubSpot and Teams and makes forwarding messages to other apps easier, such as Telegram. 8×8’s Express plan is particularly architected for small business communication systems at $12 per user and month.    

  1. Ooma Office 

Ooma Office focuses on smaller teams. This provider targets to convince with flexibility and reasonable pricing. Ooma offers paging, video, SMS, MMS, conferencing, chats, and team messaging. Adding 35 additional features, from virtual receptionists for automatic call handling to voicemail transcription. Standard pricing starts at $19.95 per user and month.   

  1. Dialpad

At last, Dialpad, on innovation, specifically targeting small- and midsize businesses, makes the mark. The developers of Google Voice architect this communication system. This service includes several cutting-edge tech features, such as custom analytics, call transcription through natural language processing, and real-time feedback delivered by artificial intelligence. This provider makes installation, configuration, and user management easy and accessible.  

By shortlisting your priorities and gathering information among the services above, you’ll be able to pinpoint the provider that will guide you on your path to communication excellence.    

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