Do You Know What Are The 6 B2b Sales Training Techniques That Every Company Should Know ?

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B2B companies undoubtedly face a series of challenges very different from those of companies that reach the final consumer. It is a complex process that involves many people in decision-making and requires great effort on the part of the sales force.

How to increase sales effectiveness? To do so, it is necessary to implement specific actions. Actions that aim to increase your sales volume enough to reach your goals.

Knowing the right strategies is key to learning how to increase sales in B2B companies: 

  • Training communication skills and techniques

Usually, it takes place in the following setting: demonstration of a skill/technique, explanation and step-by-step instructions, working out the technique in groups of three or four people with a change of roles, where at least one of the participants is in the role of an observer.

Corporate sales training in India is well used for practicing the techniques of active listening, compliment, establishing contact, techniques of adjustment for various parameters, asking questions, conditional consent, correct refusal, working with objections, emotional intelligence, etc.

  • Work in small groups

Usually, the group works on the development of a meaningful document, for example, a competitive matrix, compiling a list of frequent questions and answers to them, presenting the company to different types of customers, describing groups of key customers, etc. In mixed groups, opinions are exchanged, weaker participants and beginners gain access to the knowledge of more experienced participants, and the following skills are trained: interaction in a group, the ability to formulate their thoughts, the ability to hear others, the skill of structuring, analyzing and presenting the information.

  • Business Simulation

Managers participate in a process that recreates part of reality. For example, their task is to take part and win the tender. The peculiarity of business simulations is that the processes are concentrated and manifested. That is, in a short time you can go through all the stages of the transaction, which in reality lasts a year, and see how the process as a whole work, and where the weak and strong points of the sales team are. As a rule, in simulations, there is a competition or other restrictions, which additionally “warms up” the process and emotionally involves the participants.

The most important part of the simulation is its structured analysis, where the actual learning takes place. Business simulation as a method is built on the use of the Kolb circle “learning through experience” where the group sequentially goes through all stages. 

  • Gain experience. 
  • Reflection of experience. 
  • Formulation of conclusions for the future. 
  • Transformation into a new experience.


  • Case Studies

Groups receive a description of the situation for analysis, such as a conflict with a key customer. Task: to analyze the situation and develop options for action to maintain the relationship with the client on acceptable terms. After analyzing and presenting solutions to the problem, you can simulate several rounds of negotiations with this client, i.e. the case becomes the basis for a simulation or role-playing game.

An important skill that managers develop is to think first and then act. That is, the inclusion of analysis and forecasting in the practice of activity.

  • Video Analysis

The development of presentation skills, establishing contact, and telephone conversations, is almost impossible without video analysis. The method is very good in developing communication skills and necessary behaviors because it allows you to work with non-verbal and poorly understood aspects of behavior in various situations. Well combined with role-playing games and training in communication skills.

  • Business Modeller

The technology allows you to simulate customer decision-making centers, a key customer support system, customer acquisition and retention strategies, strategies for behavior in highly competitive markets, the structure and business processes of the sales department, etc.

With the help of special tools – cards and questionnaires used in corporate sales training programs, you can create very detailed maps for navigating your key customers and our company.

For effective sales of your company, it is essential to keep some sales strategies in mind. Among them, develop a scalable and repeatable sales process, attract new prospects and generate interest in our services, sell in long and complex sales cycles, and manage the commercial organization to improve sales efficiency. As well as planning the commercial strategy and achieving results.

Grooming your employees with corporate sales training programs by B-More Consulting’s professionals is the ultimate solution if your company is not presenting adequate sales benefits. Their corporate sales training in India boosts profitability, improves customer retention, and accelerates the growth and efficiency of the companies. Call them today to avail of  their services!


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