Company Secretarial Services : Your Step to Corporate Compliances

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Several SMEs and large enterprises in India face compliance issues. Every organization needs to comply with new rules and amendments across the country. As a corporate owner, you do not like to stay updated with the latest industry guidelines and legislation. That is why it is better to hire professionals from one of the best company secretary firms in Mumbai. Outsourced secretarial services ensure that your business will be compliant with the current market regulations. You can avoid non-compliance risks in the future.

Secretarial Compliance Services Are Best For Different Businesses, Including

  • Start-ups
  • Companies that are at least 1-year old from the incorporation date
  • Organizations that have a turnover of up to Rs 50 lakhs
  • Smaller companies with an authorized capital of around Rs 1.5 lakhs.

The Best cs Firms In Mumbai can Help You With –

  • Statutory evaluation
  • Corporate Status review
  • Comparison of company and registry records
  • Preparatory compliance analysis
  • Corporate calendar setup and updates

There are several reasons for working with company secretarial firms in India-

Maintenance Of Corporate Compliance

Corporate secretarial companies regularly check corporate compliance issues. They hold and draft every detail of the boards of directors. They also deal with annual account approval, statutory register maintenance, and document filing (related to yearly statutory compliance).

No Need To Be Concerned About Resources

Small companies lack resources, as they have 2 to 3 members to create a compliance team. In some cases, they engage the company secretary to focus on compliance management tasks. However, it results in the distraction of attention. So, it is best for these firms to work with company secretarial service providers.

Your secretarial service providers will be responsible for managing interactions with shareholders. They take care of statutory compliance and corporate governance. You can reduce your administrative burden, as those professionals will do a range of activities on your behalf. Especially startups find it challenging to deal with administrative needs.

Legal Updates Will Cause No Problem

As laws across the country are not stable, several companies face compliance-related issues. You can find amendments in everything ranging from duty structures to interest computation and penalties.

Your in-house team may not be able to know about these amendments. So, secretarial and legal services can be the best solution for you. Company secretarial professionals have undergone training and let you overcome challenges.

So, you can look for the best secretarial service providers who know about business registrations, licenses, and relevant laws. Every business should stick to compliance standards set by local administrators. You can outsource secretarial activities to other companies because you do not have in-house compliance specialists. You can avoid time-consuming and complicated tasks and focus more on major business activities.

Legal Jini is a reliable company that provides accounting, licenses, payroll, and compliance services. It has certified professionals to help different businesses. Company secretarial services are highly important for avoiding compliance issues. Hire professionals to maintain compliance standards and keep away from legal complications.


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