Biggest Challenges Faced by Chemical Manufacturers in Mumbai

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The chemical industry is very important for the economic growth of any country.  Chemicals have become a necessity owing to their various uses, they may have some adverse effects on human health and can also cause environmental degradation. The concerns are more profound in India as we are still developing and there is large growth both in quantity and range.     

Chemicals can be categorized as organic, inorganic, hazardous, etc. The chemicals are used in various industries such as Automobiles, Hardware, Electronics, White Goods, Jewellery, PSUs, Aeronautics, Railways, and Defense. 

The chemical manufacturers face various challenges like they require the MSDS –material safety data sheets.  They should have thorough knowledge about the chemicals including the uses, side effects, handling & safety measures etc.  The manufacturers should update all these on MSDS.  

Chemical manufacturers are developing at a steady rate in a country like India, there are a lot of products manufactured by them like drugs, cleaning agents, synthetics, and thermoplastics etc. which are required in large quantities.   Although there are many opportunities for the chemical industry in India, there are various challenges that are hindering its growth.    

Challenges faced by the Indian Chemical manufacturers 

Shortage of raw materials


The raw materials required by the chemical manufacturers are scarcely available and the raw material is also very costly in India as compared to other countries.

Poor Infrastructural Facilities: The infrastructure of chemical industries in India lacks far behind. Most of the chemical industries are in remote locations where there are issues in pipeline connectivity,   power supply and other facilities also are inadequate.

High tax rates: The heavy-duty tax inflicted on a lot of raw materials exceeds the tax imposed on the ready-made products.  This creates a problem for chemical manufacturers.

Need for environmentally friendly chemicals: The need for value-added chemical products is ever increasing.  The chemical manufacturers have to meet the demand of the environment and should manufacture eco-friendly chemical products that are not harmful to the environment and that can be recycled.  This is one of the biggest challenges faced by chemical manufacturers in India. The chemical manufacturers should follow a proper system for its waste management as it may lead to generating many byproducts that are toxic which may cause health issues.   The chemical manufacturers have to take safety measures to purchase various chemicals. They should follow the environment protection guidelines carefully.  There should be a proper storage system for safely storing the chemicals 

Chemical manufacturers require comprehensive knowledge about chemicals, their uses and safety measures.  Chemical manufacturers in Mumbai and other big cities of India are facing these challenges and they should follow the environmental guidelines to produce chemicals that are not harming the environment.

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