6 Coolest Gadgets to Look Forward in Future

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The recent trade show in Las Vegas had some amazing futuristic gadgets. As the shows go on, this was a good one with a lot of innovative products and the craziest gadgets on the planet.

These latest gadgets will be available in stores soon. Until then check them out through the business technology news. Get the latest business technology news for 2019. And enjoy the tech orgasm.

Here are 6 Gadgets to Look forward to in the Future-

1. Sony Glass Speaker-

The gadget is the most romantic gift you can give to your loved one. Well, the glass speaker has soft light in the glass tube that can also be used as a candle for a romantic dinner. Take it for your camping night. The wireless speakers are easily connected to Bluetooth and WiFi. Use it anywhere and enjoy music in every corner of your room.

When you play music the glass vibrates and resonance creates a monotonous sound. The candlelit speaker starts at 699 euros.

2. Panasonic GZ2000 4K OLED TV-

This is the coolest device to be launched this year. This is the budget-friendly TV you are looking for. The Panasonic has improved a lot. The picture and sound quality are extremely good.
The Dolby Atmos TV with upward firing speakers hidden behind the screen creates an immersive sound, especially while you are watching sports. The roaring crowd is no longer limited to the stands.

3. Withings Move ECG-

Withings have made a spectacular product for good health. Smartwatches are the most appealing product in the market right now.

The latest model is out in the spring will include ECG monitor which is only available in Apple Watch Series 4 which is available only in the US for now. The cheaper option is Withings ECG at 130 Euros.

4. Sphero Specdrums-
This is the coolest gadget of all. The makers Sphero made a spherical robot with a brilliance of Star Wars R2-D2 toy.
This company always considers making educational toys keeping youngsters in mind. But this time Specdrums have a musical angle. Two silicon rings fit your fingers and when you touch a colour, then notes, loops or beats will sound.
The colours can be on the coloured pas that comes with rings or things around the world.

5. Volta Mookie-
A pet feeder is what you really need in your busy schedule. Now you have two pets you can manage diet plans for both of them as your cat cannot eat your dog’s food. The facial recognition feature helps in keeping the food for your pet.

This cool gadget is on sale this autumn at 160 Euros.

6. NuraLoop-
This is made by the company that made Nuraphone, a pair of headphones that go over the ear and also into your lug holes that deliver strong sounds.

The Nuraloop is an earphone which like the Nuraphone measures your hearing and uses signal processing to adjust the sound output that suits your ears the most.

These are some of the gadgets you will be mesmerized by this 2019. So choose the most needed ultra gadget within your budget and invest your money now. AI is developing at a very fast pace. These gadgets are just a start to the next generation of technological updates.


  • John Miller

    John Miller is a seasoned writer with 17 years of experience in crafting compelling content focused on diverse business ideas. Through insightful blogs, he shares practical advice and inspiration for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. John's passion lies in simplifying complex concepts and fostering innovation within the business landscape.

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