5 Advantages of Using LED Video Walls for Outdoor Promotion

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Visuals are certainly a great way to captivate your audience and when it comes to promotion it becomes even more essential to portray it in a manner that makes it eye-catching and appealing. 

So, if you are planning a unique and impactful promotion for your business then LED video walls are just the right thing for it! 

Old-school print advertisements aren’t potent enough to compete with the latest technology soaring in today’s world, so, this time why not think of something out of the box? Let’s see what are the benefits of using LED video panels for your brand promotion.

1. Attention-grabbing vivid displays

This is one of the main reasons why you should opt for a LED video panel while planning for an impactful promotion. The attention-grabbing capabilities of a LED wall are unmatchable, perfect for any type of event from festivals to fairs to college events

Because of bright, dynamic displays, passers-by are much more likely to stop and take in your message. In India, LED video wall is highly significant as compared to the traditional billboards with a few light bulbs. When the ad is seen on a bright and vibrant LED screen, you can see how anyone is far more likely to choose your content.

2. Unique Content Opportunities.

LED video panels provide opportunities to present your content in a quirky way, in that you can display specific content at designated times. 

Throughout the day, you can shuffle messages; for example, as a restaurant operator, you could display a specific happy hour advertisement to rush-hour traffic, and then showcase the night’s live music lineup once a happy hour has ended. 

You can easily deliver many different messages at different time intervals, transmitting unique information to unique audiences. Rich content opportunities make LED video walls perfect for elevating brand marketing.

3. Operational from Anywhere

The best advantage of using digital advertising technology is that it can be operated remotely from anywhere, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. You can control any number of billboards with just a few taps on your touchpad. 

If you have a commercial that resonates with your audience at one branch and wants to test it out at the other one, all you need to do is upload your ads to the server of your display program and it will start running the ad at the other branch.

4. Modern and sharp look

Video walls appear to look like something from a science-fiction movie. They look unspeakably clean and sleek because they are designed and arranged with no bezels (as opposed to the thick bezels still present on single displays). 

Nor is there a hunk of metal hanging from the ceiling, which is what the path of the projector provides.  And yes, it is possible to hide projectors, most certainly with help of a LED video panel supplier, but that requires additional effort and extra financial investment.

The sharp aesthetic reflects a positive image of the video walls’ owner. A video wall in a clothing store sells the illusion of elegance and luxury. A video wall in a sports bar makes a big game look way bigger. A video wall is synonymous with professionalism in a corporate boardroom, impressing future buyers and partners.

5. Less maintenance required

A LED video wall looks like something that needs constant care and maintenance, but actually, they require less maintenance than projectors. A video wall normally relies on highly efficient and reliable light engine technology, and LED is the most common one!

LED lighting is the most efficient and trustworthy development in the industry of lighting. Each diode lamp serves at least 50,000 hours of performance with little or no loss in quality as it nears the end of life. Improving production methods means that this number will undoubtedly grow. 

As they are built on solid-state circuitry and not fragile filaments, LEDs are also some of the most durable lights ever made. As a result, video walls, even after years of service, require near to zero maintenance. 

Projectors, however, need to be examined frequently. If the projector has been obscured during installation, this issue is compounded, as access would be a continuing source of annoyance. 


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