10 Lucrative Small Business Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs of Today

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If you have started a new business without any digital marketing strategy then, you are one step behind the competition! Our experts have compiled some essential online business marketing ideas for you, which will finally lead your business in the right direction.

Local Search Marketing

In 2018 you can’t overlook the importance of voice search. Therefore, you need to optimize your campaigns to result in relevant voice searches, especially if yours is a small local business. Consumers will find you on the map when they need your products or services. Be careful though, you won’t magically appear. Positioning is not a simple thing and needs to be constantly adapted and monitored!

Optimize your website 

Does your website still look like 1997? Time to tweak it! Your customers have grown impatient and demand immediate results, so if your website is unattractive, slow to load, or difficult to use, everyone will run away, perhaps moving on to the competition. Ah, don’t forget the optimization for mobile devices, Google could penalize you!

Do Link-Building

Link-building is a great way to show the search engines like Google that your website is popular. If you do it right, you’ll prove to Google that your small business website is relevant (and of high quality), so that it can show up in a local search. Find local business owners, bloggers, local news sites, who may post an article that links to your website or exchange banners or posts with you.  

Ask for email addresses

Attract yourself to ask your customers for their email addresses. This way you can inform them of new promotions, special offers, and exclusive products. Furthermore, you can ask your customer database to leave you reviews online, useful for improving the social consensus of your brand. Remember, your brand reputation is essential, always monitor it!

Expand your network 

LinkedIn can be a winning platform for connecting with local consumers and other small business owners. Not only can you connect on a personal level, but you can also build more engagement around your business by creating and managing a business page. LinkedIn will suggest friends of friends you can connect with. You can also join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to increase your local presence.

Create an event on Facebook 

Do you want to host an event or launch a special sale? Create an event on Facebook to reach more people.

When you create an event on Facebook, you can share it with your followers and it will also appear in the events section of the profiles in the area. With yet another update to Facebook’s algorithm targeting communities, this must be a key focus of your strategy. Eventbrite will do the same, showing your event even to people who may never have heard of your business.

Improve your social strategy

You can’t avoid social media. Your small business should at least have a Facebook page updated with the most important information, working hours, services, and references. Think about personalized content, not only for the type of social platform you decide to use but above all for your audience. You don’t have to post to make up the numbers or just because everyone is doing it. Share with your followers everything that can be useful to them.

Use Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads (in a nutshell, we’re referring to paid sponsorship campaigns) is one of the best marketing ideas to implement. Facebook allows you to create ads with diversified objectives, depending on the needs of each. Rest assured, there will surely be a goal that is right for you!

Try Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a great way to add a human element to your marketing strategy. The option allows you to connect with customers and followers on a more personal level – use it to allow them to peek behind the scenes of your business or to showcase new products, services, or promotions in advance. And why not, as a bonus!

Add videos to your Google My Business listing

Google recently announced that small business owners will be able to add videos to their listings, which means that videos from your business will appear directly in your Google listing, giving you more control over what customers can see about your business before they can make a decision. So if you have informative videos that help people learn more about your business, you can soon add them to your Google My Business listing.

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  • John Miller

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